About Us

Humans for Humanity is a completely self-funded  organization and the brain child of Anurag Chauhan, aged 23 years, who began his journey of serving society and doing social work in Dehradun, at a mere age of 16 years. Even at that age, he harboured an ambition to improve and work on the social strata of the world we live in.

Currently, the organization headed by him is evolving social work by engaging not only the youth of Delhi, Uttarakhand, Bangalore, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh but also people of different professions to work towards regaining  the lost sheen of society. The organization is host to interns from 16 countries (Spain, Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Argentina, Sri lanka, Australia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Columbia, Italy, etc) working and researching on various issues of the slums in India. The main projects undertaken are : 

✔ WASH - Women Sanitation and Hygiene

Every year in India,  It is estimated that about 150,000 women die from extremely poor  personal hygiene practices.  Countering to the problems related to menstrual hygiene we started making hand made Sanitary Napkins from cotton cloth and have been distributing free of cost in urban slums as well as villages. Workshops are held at various government schools and colleges with young girls to make the aware about the same by lady doctors and our volunteers. We also have been teaching women & girls how to make their own sanitary napkin which has also become a mode of earning for few women who make these napkins in bulk and sell it at very cheap prices in their surrounding households.  

 Street Smart

 A project that involves vocational training for women and children above the age of 14.  This project provides them with jobs and opportunities to earn. The children are also given formal education with the vocational training program, thereby enabling them with a chance to have a better future.   This project also targets  children involved with drug addictions, crime and beggary.  With this project in particular where the involvement of the children has a huge positive outcome.  Begging on streets and  crime rate went down;  and the long hours kept the children away from doing drugs.  

✔ Each One Teach One

In India, poverty is a major issue. Whilst the government provide free education, people living in slums cannot even afford to bear the cost of local transport to these government schools; hence, they drop out of the education system. Humans for Humanity came up with the idea of starting schools within the slums in order that these slum kids  could have a chance at learning.

Currently  running two schools in Delhi where they receive an education, a mid-day meal  and extra curricular activities.  The children who are going to school are provided tuition classes as their own parents are illiterates. 

✔ Clean India Campaign

A project that is not just awareness drives but also garbage collection drives, recycling, composting in order to have a better and clean city.  

✔ Promotion of Indian Culture and Heritage




Apart from these, we also engage in resource mobilization where we
purchase water purifiers made by autistic people and distribute it
amongst the slum dwellers.  After rigorous research,  we found 
that there was approximately 200 deaths per year in a slum due to lack of clean
drinking water.   This project helps both the marginalised people of the austistic and slum communities.

The aim is to have one water purifier for each slum family.


Keeping up our motto of "society before self", we also
simultaneously try to provide employment to the rural women in
Rajasthan who previously worked under the pay scale of 2-10 Rupees per
day.  By providing them with vocational skills such as stitching,
embroidery and weaving, we are thereby enabling them to pursue jobs
where they could earn a decent wage, uphold their  dignity and a chance to provide a themselves a better life. 

Anurag Chauhan has recieved his Bachelors degree in Social Work from Amity University, Noida, India.

 Anurag is a recipient of several national and state recognitions which includes –


  • Social workers award by Leelawati Foundation,  
  • Green Crusador award, 
  • the Delhi Achievers award for his contribution to the society,  
  • the Bharat Nirman Award by honourable minister Dr. Najma
  • He has recently being awarded the KARAMVEER CHAKRA instituted by the United Nations & icongo (Indian confederation of Ngos) for excellence in social work,
  • Youth Icon Award by India Youth Foundation for encouraging youth and being a role model for many.
  • Anurag has also acted in a film as a main lead which was based on the Prime Minister's initiative of Swachh Bharat.    
  • To his credit Anurag is the Youngest FESTIVAL DIRECTOR who made his dreams into reality by organizing the 1st Dehradun Literature Festival 2017 in Dehradun. Amongst over 120 news coverages of the festival the most special one was a column in the prestigious THE WEEK MAGAZINE written by acclaimed author Shobhaa De dedicated to Anurag - http://www.theweek.in/columns/Shobhaa-De/voice-of-sanity.html