Anurag Chauhan is a 23 year old social worker and the Founder Chairperson of Humans For Humanity. He is also the Founder of Dehradun Literature Festival.

He is known as one of the youngest influencers in the field of Social Work, and promotion of literature as well as rich Indian Culture & Heritage. He is the youngest Festival Director of any literature festival in India & brain child behind the Dehradun Literature Festival. Chauhan acted in a film for swachh bharat abhiyaan as a main lead which was shot in Rajasthan. 
He was educated at Riverdale School and Summer Valley School in Dehradun. He studied social work at Amity University, graduating as a bachelor of Social Work. Along with that he worked, with various other ngos and organisations as a volunteer, project head, brand ambassador and a member of advisory board. 

He works majorly in the field of women and child, running schools in several locations with in slums to provide basic education to the residents of the slums. The WASH project started by him under which handmade sanitary napkins are produced and distributed in communities, slums, villages, govt schools and colleges to women and girls who are in need. Workshops and awareness campaigns are held to stop deaths of women who die due to lack of awareness and resources to maintain personal hygiene & sanitation. 

Humans for Humanity is a brain child of Anurag Chauhan, aged 23 years, who began his journey of serving society and doing social work from Dehradun, at a mere age of 16 years. Even at that age, he harbored an ambition to improve and work on the social strata of the world we live in.


Currently, the organization headed by him is evolving social work by engaging not only the youth of Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh but also people of different professions to work towards regaining  the lost sheen of society. The organization hosts interns from 16 countries (Spain, Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Argentina, Sri lanka, Australia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Columbia, Italy, etc) working and researching on various issues of the slums in India. The main projects undertaken are :


✔ WASH - Women Sanitation and Hygiene


✔ Street Smart


✔ Each One Teach One


✔ Clean India Campaign


✔ Promotion of Indian Culture and Heritage